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AdYoda is an Advertising Technology Service provider with a dedicated mission to empower the digital advertising industry with custom media buying solutions and insightful business services.

Our digital campaign experts shall help you plan your campaigns with ease.

What is a
Digital Media Buying Platform?

who are we

Digital media buying is the process of purchasing ad space and time on digital platforms such as websites, apps, audio & video platforms, connected TVs, OTT, DOOH and more. A media buyer is responsible for negotiating with publishers for ad inventory, managing budgets, and optimizing ads to improve campaign performance.

Simply stated, digital media buying platforms are the DSPs which are programmatic platforms that allow advertisers and agencies to automatically buy ad inventory across the above mentioned digital publishers. Through instant digital processing, you get access to a more refined, optimised audience based on the targeting specifications that you calibrate yourself from a range of possible segments.

How it works?

With digital media buying platforms, buying impressions is automated. The negotiation still technically happens but it's done at a much quicker rate through open and private marketplaces.

The traditional approach, on the other hand, involves negotiations and relationship building with publishers.
Digital media buying can be more cost-effective and allow teams to focus on ad performance instead of back-and-forth negotiations.

There are three components to this automated buying structure:

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DSPs (Demand-side platforms) which facilitate the process of buying ad inventory. It's more than just a cost-effective choice to partner with a DSP provider, it will enable you to establish connections with countless high-quality publishers, generate custom reports of your campaign performance and target audience, and reach new levels of engagement and conversion. 

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SSPs (Supply-side platforms) where DSP is designed for the advertisers to buy ad space, SSP is the other side of the coin, through which web owners or publishers can sell their advertising inventory. They are connected through what's called an ad exchange that facilitates the transaction.

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The programmatic direct, in which ad inventory is sold at a fixed cost per thousand impressions (CPM) with no bidding.

Why AdYoda?


Reach the Right Customers Where It Matters.


Amplify Your Brand Exposure and Build Authority in Your Campaign.


Best Programmatic Platforms Under One Roof.


Direct Publisher Network for Direct Buying.


branding programs for driving quality engagement and recall through remarketing.


Secure Top Tier Media

Reach, Scale, Optimize, Deliver Results, and more.


Precise Targeting

Dynamic Targeting and Retargeting, Audience Segmenting, ABM Targeting, etc.


Brand Safety

Double Verify, MOAT, IAS, etc.


Additional KPIs

Ad Viewability Rate, Brand Safety Rate, Confirmed Ad Placements, etc.

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Control every step of Digital Media Buying and Drive Quality Traffic to your destination page.

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We believe in challenging Traditional Digital Marketing approaches to solve ROI challenges.

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Leverage the power and scale of digital media buying platforms, to expand your reach and scale.

Run whitelisted campaigns, drive quality traffic, buy inventory on connected platforms and more.

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Connect with us to gain access to premium advertisers for your premium inventory or custom offerings.

Talk to us for alliances or white label partnerships.

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Media Agencies

Deliver high – performing digital advertising campaigns for your brands without the need for additional manpower.

Choose AdYoda as your extended team.

One POC for all your client's digital campaigns.

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